Frequently Asked Questions about SLAP™ Watch

Here is a list of some of our most commonly asked questions.

Just choose from this list and it should hopefully give you what you are looking for. If you still need help, try our contact page. Thank you!

How do you set your SLAP™ Watch?

1. Remove the watch mechanism by gently squeezing the sides of the holder. This will pop the watch mechanism out from the band for you to set it or change the face to another color.

2. When you remove the mechanism, the stem will be clearly visible on the right hand side. Gently pull it out with your fingers, and set the time. Then push the stem back in.

3. Return the mechanism to the SLAP™ Watch band by pushing back into the opening on the top of the band. You may want to rotate the face so that it is aligned with the SLAP on the wristband.

If you would like to print out the instructions, they are here in a PDF form.

How do you care for your SLAP™ Watch band?

Wash the outside of the silicone with mild soap and water. It is not recommended to immerse the band in water due to the steel spring mechanism inside the silicone band.

What forms of payment do you accept?

A: All major forms of credit cards, including PayPal.

What is the cost of shipping?

A: It depends on the amount of your order:
$0.01 - 40.00 = $5.95
$40.01- 99.00 = $9.95
$99.01- 199.00 = $14.95
$199.01- 999.00 = $19.95

Do you offer expedited shipping?

A: No

What are the watches made of?

A: Silicone and a lithium ion battery

Are they water resistant?

A: Being 100% silicone, the bands are water proof, but the mechanics are not. Swimming is not recommended.

How do they come packaged?

A: They are shipped all together. Each watch is wrapped around a cardboard display. Sorry, we do not offer gift wrapping at this time.

What size are the watches?

A: Standard SLAP: 11"L x 1.125"W SLAP Junior: 8.75"L x .75"W (ages 5-8ish)

Do you accept returns?

A: Yes, ship them back (at your expense) to:
SLAP Watch
1913 W Tacoma, Suite C
Broken Arrow, OK 74012

Please Include order ID (or the name the order is under) and specify that you need a credit and we will refund your money at that time.

Can the battery be replaced?

A: Yes. If you want to do it yourself, we cannot guarantee the product after you open the movement face. Most jewelers will replace the watch battery for around $10 though. If your SLAP Watch arrives and the watch battery is already gone, please contact us for a replacement.

What is your shipping time?

A: Our ship time is approximately 7-10 business days. Right now, however, shipping is within 24 hours of order!

Will I receive a tracking number when my order ships?

A: Yes, it will be sent to the email that you provided during checkout at

If I entered in my address incorrectly, is it too late to change it?

A: As long as the order has not been processed, you can change the address.

Do you sell the faces of the watches individually?

A: No, but the the faces can be switched between different bands.

Do they come in different sizes?

A: No, they are all one size fits all. Standard SLAP™ and SLAP Jr. are the only options.

Do the watches come with a warranty?

A: Yes, there is a 30 day limited warranty on movement and the silicone band.